The Grand /r/asoiaf theory compendium

Per this post and’s Compendium of Theories, I’m going to try to come up with a list of theories from/r/asoiaf. No disrespect to Westeros, but this subreddit does some amazing theory development and analysis that is worth posting here. I’ll start with some major questions and theories and then do a hodgepodge of miscellaneous but highly upvoted theories. I’ll close with a tinfoil category.

Obviously, everything below will be spoilers. So, please be aware that even the theory titles I gave are spoilers.

What Will Happen to Jon Snow?

Submitter Spoiler Scope Theory
/u/niltermini All Jon Snow will be burnt alive in a funeral pyre and will be reborn
/u/Williawr All Jon’s body will be resurrected as a wight while his spirit lives on in Ghost
/u/protocol13 All What if Jon Snow is actually dead?
/u/TommyShambles All Jon Snow will return as an Other
/u/DarthGregor All Melisandre is undead and will resurrect Jon
/u/The_Others_Take_Ya All Jon will warg into both a wolf and a dragon

What Happened to Benjen Stark?

Submitter Spoiler Scope Theory
/u/InflatableNipples ADWD Benjen Stark is in Skagos
/u/7V3N All Benjen Stark will be the prologue of TWOW
/u/Taylorenokson All Benjen Stark is dead and will never be heard from again
/u/godzilla_lives All Benjen Stark will return in TWOW to reveal R+L=J

Who are Jon Snow’s Parents?

Submitter Spoiler Scope Theory
/u/Jen_Snow All Who might know?
/u/J4k0b42 All What is Jon giving up by joining the NW?
/u/Consequencesdaniel All “Promise me, Ned”
/u/mnjordan All Ned’s dilemma if R+L=J
/u/feldman10 All Ashara Dayne revealed where Lyanna Stark was being held

Azor Ahai, the Prince that was Promised and the Last Hero

Submitter Spoiler Scope Theory
/u/DatHoeMalone All AA/PTWP are not the same person
/u/usetheboot All Textual evidence that AA/PTWP are the same person
/u/shopeIV All PTWP is Daenerys, Jon Snow is AA, Bran is the Last Hero
/u/kidcrumb All The Lightbringer Legend is how to forge Valyrian Steel
/u/nymeriathedirewolf All Davos is Lightbringer
/u/Scrree All Oathkeeper is Lightbringer
/u/ChronicOveruse All Stoneheart will resurrect Jon Snow as AA

Who is Coldhands?

Submitter Spoiler Scope Theory
/u/Jen_Snow All Coldhands is the Night’s King
/u/ChronicOveruse All Coldhands is just a random wight that Bloodraven learned to control
/u/J4k0b42/u/hamishwilson All Coldhands is a wight who did a lot of “wighting”
/u/AerionTargaryen All More evidence for Coldhands being the Night’s King
/u/Pathologue All Coldhands is Benjen

The Pink Letter

Submitter Spoiler Scope Theory
/u/indianthane95 All The letter was not written by Ramsay due to a lack of skin in the letter
/u/Lightbulbbandit All Melisandre wrote the Pink Letter
/u/Jen_Snow All Stannis wrote the Pink Letter
/u/jbtalley All Asha wrote the Pink Letter
/u/slinkymaster All Ramsay wrote the Pink Letter

Miscellaneous Theories (in no particular order)

Submitter Spoiler Scope Theory
/u/scBaldwin All Jojen Paste may not be so silly
/u/jdylopa All What are the maesters really up to?
/u/postExistence ADWD Daenerys has a Vision Quest in her last chapter
/u/indianthane95 All The BWB is going to perform the RW 2.0 on the Lannisters
/u/galanix All Aegon VI is a Blackfyre
/u/Yeade All The Grand Northern Conspiracy
/u/polks13 All Balerion the Black Dread (and cat) is still roaming the Red Keep
/u/DrGhed All The Wildlings are about to go apeshit on the NW
/u/indianthane95 All There’s some key players enroute to Braavos for Arya to kill in TWOW
/u/kbarnett514 All The missing gaoler in AFFC is Varys
/u/Flat_panda All Septa Lemore is Ashara Dayne
/u/ajsadler All R+L=A, E+A=J
/u/shopeIV All The Faceless Men will attempt to recreate the Doom with a dragon egg
/u/KosstAmojan All Proof for the Grand Tyrell Conspiracy
/u/galanix All Mandon Moore’s Patron in Blackwater was Littlefinger
/u/GANGBANGARANG All Theon is the murderer in Winterfell during ADWD
/u/feldman10 All Arianne Martell is the younger queen
/u/seanarturo All Daemon Blackfyre was heir to Aegon IV Targaryen
/u/PressureCereal All Who is the Harpy?
/u/connorjacobs22 All Southron Ambitions
/u/Blappelgydol All Stannis will become the Night’s King
/u/Militant_Penguin All Robert Strong is the valonqar
/u/Militant_Penguin All Lady Stoneheart is one of the Gods’ Punishment for the Breaking of Guest Right
/u/feldman10 All The Shavepate poisoned the locusts
/u/mand0calrissian All Varys is the grandson of Aerion “Brightflame” Targaryen
/u/silasioalejandro ACOK Varys’s “shadow on the wall” is LF not Tyrion
/u/FullCombo All Varys’s “If one hand can die, why not a second” refers to Jon Connington, not Jon Arryn
/u/MoshMuth All Jaime’s dyslexia will help him become a great left-handed swordsman

Tinfoil Theories

Submitter Spoiler Scope Theory
/u/The_Others_Take_Ya All Dragonglass is dragon poop
/u/JayisforJokes All Daario is Benjen in disguise
/u/GodspeakerVortka All Oberyn Martell is a manticore
/u/niltermini All Rhaegar Targaryen never died and is posing as Mance Rayder
/u/BorisAcornKing All Theon murders his own children in ACOK
/u/Werevark All Syrio escaped death

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  1. Oberyn Martell is a manticore. Oh geez. I’m cracking up.

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