Which Companion Character Would /r/asoiaf Like to Discuss Next?

Just another poll to determine who /r/asoiaf would like to discuss next.


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10 responses to “Which Companion Character Would /r/asoiaf Like to Discuss Next?

    • Should have probably mentioned that it’s only POV characters for the moment, but if this pans out, I’d be happy to consider non-POV characters.

      • ah! Ok! So I cast my vote for Jaime Lannister. Pity he’s in a huge cliff-hanger. But it’s interesting the change he’s demonstrating. Trying to act and be seen as the true son of Tywin Lannister. Maybe you could write about the three remaining Lannisters: Tyrion, Jaime and Cersei.

        Nice work!

  1. Adhiraj Bose

    I’d like you to give an analysis of Daenerys’ campaign in the Slaver’s bay. Especially the siege of Mereen. It seems to me to be another masterful land+sea invasion. Also I’d like your analysis of dragons as a strategic force modifier. It is the only real application of aerial combat in the books.

  2. Adhiraj Bose

    It was really enjoyable thanks ! I purposefully avoided reading the Merenees campaign though, because I haven’t read Dance with Dragons. I’ll be bringing it up soon though.

  3. shopeIV

    Yeah, I think at some point you should expand to non-pov characters as well. I think there are many non-pov characters that are more interesting and lend to better discussion than some pov characters.

  4. Linmark

    I’d like very much to see another POV character : the numerous failings (and a few successes ?) of Cersei Lannister as a political leader. I saw in a reread some mistakes she made, that I didn’t see before, and I’m sure I missed a lot more… You already analysed quite well the short-comings of Jon Snow, and I found it really interesting.

  5. mije5333

    In the next non-POV character poll, could we get a Roose and/or Ramsay option? I’m not sure about Ramsay, but I know Roose wasn’t on there the last couple of times.

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