Featured on the Nerdstream Era

Hey everyone,

I’ve been very busy in recent days, so I haven’t had the chance to do a lot of writing. Suffice to say, that will be changing starting now. About a month ago, I alluded to some exciting things that were upcoming for the blog. Well, the first is that Stefan Sasse of Tower of the Hand and Nerdstream Era fame asked if I would write for one of their Supreme Court hearings. Today, it was posted! So, check it out. We debated on topics such as Edric Dayne, Theon Greyjoy and who will be the Lords Paramount of the various regions of Westeros.

More announcements soon as well as the concluding part to A Dragon Dawn. Also, I hear that SomethingLikeaLawyer is in the process of writing some pretty great essays…


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2 responses to “Featured on the Nerdstream Era

  1. Pop Doru

    Congratulation man.

    I was wondering, how do you read A song of Fire and Ice books and books in general? Do you use a lot of notes? What is your secret? 🙂

    • Thanks! I read relevant chapters on the topic I’m writing on. For the current series on the Battle of Meereen, I’m currently reading some of the Winds of Winter sample chapters that George RR Martin has released as well as fan-recounts of readings that Martin has done. It seems that recently I’ve done a lot of re-reading of A Dance with Dragons.

      Most of the time, I read the chapters in question, consult the wiki of ice and fire to find if there’s any more relevant passages and go from there. It’s all for fun, and I really enjoy the reading and the writing.

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