Featured in the Next Tower of the Hand ebook!



I sincerely apologize for the lack of the final part for the Battle of Fire series. It’s been delayed for 2 very important reasons. The first is that a number of months ago, Marc from Tower of the Hand asked me if I’d be interested in writing an essay for the upcoming Tower of the Hand anthology entitled A Hymn for Spring to be released on September 29, 2014. I agreed, and it’s been quite the ride since. I wrote an essay entitled “Iron Bends: Re-examining Stannis Baratheon” in which I analyze whether Stannis Baratheon was truly as inflexible as he’s portrayed both by in-universe characters and by the fan community. (Spoiler: he’s not.)

Presently, I’m working on a re-write of the essay I submitted for the book — hence why the next part of the Battle of Fire series has taken a backseat for the moment. I’m very nearly done with re-writing my essay, so I’ll be able to focus on writing the final part of the Battle of Fire series. If you’re interested in checking out the full list of contributors and their topics for the upcoming Tower of the Hand anthology, check out Steven Attewell’s e-book, entitled: “Race for the Iron Throne: Political and Historical Analysis of “A Game of Thrones.”  which contains a sample essay from Ashaya and Aziz, the people behind History of Westeros, one of the best ASOIAF podcasts out there!

But more importantly than all the writing out there, I’ll be getting married very soon. So, nuptial planning has taken a bit of time away from writing. I hope you’ll all understand!

Thanks again for reading, subscribing and being a part of the blog here! SomethingLikeaLawyer and I are absolutely thrilled that so many of you have subscribed and provided detailed feedback for the essays and analysis we’ve written. And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the thrilling conclusion to the Battle of Fire. Be on the lookout for it soon!


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11 responses to “Featured in the Next Tower of the Hand ebook!

  1. Saul Duckfield

    Cool man, keep on going, your blog is very interesting.

  2. the Bolton

    I wish you be happy(getting married)
    and , please, finish the littlefinger analysis

  3. Jeff

    Okay and congratulations. Two things though, is that Stannis essay coming up because I don’t see it. And also I received an update that was supposed to cover all spy tradecraft and I don’t see it here either.

    • The Stannis essay won’t be published until the book comes out. And I can’t figure out how to fix that issue. It’s an essay that should still be in draft form that I did publish weeks ago. But I reverted it from “published” to “draft.” But for whatever reason, it keeps messing with the RSS of the site. Will try to figure it out more.

  4. Josh

    Yes, you most definitely owe us an apology for all of the free and excellent material you have provided us! (Sarcasm, obviously…) Anyway, keep up the fantastic work and congrats on your inclusion into The Hymn of Spring!

  5. Pop Doru

    I find your posts very insightful. I hope you will give me the honour of translating your essays in Romanian. I wil post a link to your blog and give you the full deserved credit.

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