History of Westeros: The Battle of Ice


Hey folks,

Hope everyone is well! A number of folks here and on reddit have asked when the next essay or essay series will come out. Well, I have some individual essays and essay series that I’m working on (more on that in a little bit), but in reality, I haven’t been able to do too much writing of late. Why?

Well, a few months ago, I was chatting with Aziz and Ashayah from the History of Westeros podcast about collaborating on a podcast together. And today, I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be joining the fantastic History of Westeros podcast team for a series on… The Battle of Ice, that is the upcoming battle(s) between the Boltons and Stannis Baratheon in The Winds of Winter. I couldn’t be more excited! What’s even more exciting is that we’re doing 3, yes you read that correctly parts on the Battle of Winterfell. They are:

  1. Part 1: Background: Houses, Players, Minute Details from A Dance with Dragons that will impact the battle.
  2. Part 2: The Battle of the Crofters’ Village
  3. Part 3: The Battle of Winterfell and the Future of the North

And let me just say, that it’s been a blast working with them so far! We’re just about done all of our writing for part 1 of the podcast, and we’re looking to record on Friday, July 25, 2014 from 2pm to 4pm. We’ll be doing a LIVE broadcast which you can watch here on Friday afternoon. But you’ll also be able to catch the podcast on both itunes & on youtube if you won’t be able to watch live. So, if you aren’t already subscribed to History of Westeros on youtube and/or itunes, do so now!

In addition to this 3-part series on the Battle of Winterfell, I am working on new essays. Just to give you all a taste of some of the writing, here’s a teaser:

  • The Dragon’s Mercy: The Violent, Bloody Path of Daenerys Targaryen in The Winds of Winter: Predicting where I think George RR Martin will take Dany’s arc in The Winds of Winter. This will be something of a companion piece to A Dragon Dawn.
  • Agents of Chaos: An in-depth look at the great intelligence collectors, agents and methods of spycraft in ASOIAF with special attention given to Varys and Littlefinger
  • Littlefinger: The Gambling Man & the Master Player: I haven’t forgotten about Littlefinger. Last I left him way back in January, Ned Stark had just gotten to court. He has quite the journey to make between there and Eyrie.
  • War for the Reach (Tentative Title): Battle analysis and prediction for the ongoing war in the Reach between the Ironborn and the Reach.

So, that’s what I’m working on right now. When the podcast video hits youtube, I’ll embed it here along with the itunes version. Hope you all will watch/listen and enjoy! And if you haven’t yet already and would like to, follow us here on wordpress by clicking the “Follow” button at the top. We’re also on Twitter & Facebook too.

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