The Ravenry: Week of 10/12/2015


Welcome back, seekers:

As you may or may not know, Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire has its own Tumblr page (as well as its own Twitter and Facebook pages).  Even more excitingly,  we here at the blog have partnered with ASOIAF University to answer questions about A Song of Ice and Fire.  We – that is, NFriel and I – take the text-based questions submitted to us, write up thoughtful text-based answers, and publish these answers on the Tumblr.

So every Monday we present to you The Ravenry.  We collect the questions we’ve answered during the previous week over on the Tumblr in post form, with a brief description of each, and publish it here, and link that post on Twitter and Facebook as well. This week was easily our most productive, a week as productive as any under Viserys II. We answered 70 questions, with particular highlights being the Queen Regent (hopefully) putting to rest the allegations of Catelyn ‘mistreating’ Jon Snow, as well as the Lord Hand answering which Great Houses will probably not survive the end of the series, and a few lengthy essays on topics like why he supports Robert’s Rebellion and dislikes Daenerys’s philosophy on rulership.

We have a lot of questions on our queue, and we do our best to answer every one. Lately, we’ve been seeing an increase in submissions of the same question. This will not get us to answer these questions any faster, and indeed, makes sorting through the question and answer queue that much harder. Rest assured your question has been seen, and will be answered in is own time. Also, please do not ask question we’ve already answered. We want to spend as much time as we can on the questions we can answer.

Also of note, we here at Wars and Politics of ASOIAF do not have any secret materials or insight that is not available to the general public. Thus, we may not be able to answer questions that are entirely hypothetical in nature, or ones that don’t have enough material for us to draw a conclusion for us to feel comfortable answering. We might be able to draw a parallel with a historical figure or institution, but at the end of the day, even that might not be good enough for an answer. So, if we don’t answer your question, it might be that we don’t have enough information to answer it. If it’s an anonymous submission, then we cannot message you to tell you we can’t really answer that question. So, rest assured, we are not ignoring your question if we decide that we cannot give a firm enough answer.

Without further ado, here’s The Ravenry for the week of October 5:

As always, we love to hear your text-based questions, so if you have a burning question about ASOIAF, click this link to send us a raven. The more specific the question, the better text-based answer we can write, although we do our best to answer them all.

Until next time,

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King


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3 responses to “The Ravenry: Week of 10/12/2015

  1. Sir Theodred of Pennytree

    In the point «all caracters are jaime » i would like to know why aerys kingsguard is more recently considered to be « bad people» and complicit with aerys crimes and even that they aproved them, i always liked them, in the books everyone seems to think they where good people and no one blames them for aerys crimes, we are inside jaimes head and know how he felt, and see his moral chalenges, we never see what the other kingsguard think maybe they think the same things jaimes think but never say it out loud this men think of their duty as something sacret that they just cannot break even if hearts them not to do anything as jaime said so many vows how can i men respect them all.

    • somethinglikealawyer

      Aerys’s Kingsguard are specifically the ones who stop Jaime from helping Rhaella. “You swore an oath to guard your king, not to judge him.” They are washing their hands, stating that the king can commit whatever atrocities he feels like. That’s not a good person, in my book.

      • Sir Theodred of Pennytree

        jaime was not really going to do anything, he was just saying how that felt whrong to him, and how it clashed with their duties to protect the royal family, here jaime realises that being a kingsguard to a mad king its not that honorable, but do you really think he was really going to enter the room and stop him? , i dont think so, and again i ask how do we know what the other kingsguard felt seing the same things jaime saw, lets not forget that jaime was very young, the kingsguard serve the king, thats their sacred duty, i am shore that knights like barristan, and arthur dayne who whore known for being chivalours and honorable didnt like or agree with aerys, but what could they do?, stop the king, maybe kill him if he he was killing and hurting inocents that their ouths as knights tells to protect, but then they would be breaking their most sacred vow of protecting the king it is a very complicated situation, jaime eventually stoped aerys but only when pushed to the breaking point only whith the lives of thousands of kingslanders at stake did he acted and he had many oportunities to do it before but his duty stop him.
        thanks a lot for answering, i always thought that people whore unfair to the kingsguard, please if you dont agree or have something to say i would really like to hear it.

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