Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire

In Summer 2013, I hit the “submit” button reddit for my first real post about A Song of Ice and Fire. Fresh off the stunning events from Season 3 (and the conclusion of my second re-read), It was the first part of an analysis of Robb Stark as a military commander. I wasn’t sure how the post would play out or received, and I was nervous. Thankfully, my fears were overblown as the piece received a positive response — something I continue to be thankful for some two and a half years later. This is what started the whole venture for me.

Fast forwarding to September 2013, I was writing a series of posts on reddit about Daenerys Targaryen and her military campaign across Slavers Bay, and I was struggling. I kept running against the character limit in the posts, and I kept having to put things on hold for future parts of the analysis and cutting sections that I wanted to include to make it all fit.

I explored some options, and ended up deciding that I would start my own blog. Of the options explored, the one that most appealed to me was wordpress due to its ease of functionality and its ability to host long blog posts. So, I opted to create the BryndenBFish blog. I named it “bryndenbfish.wordpress.com”, because I wasn’t original enough to think of a cool name. And besides, it wasn’t like anyone else was writing for the blog…

That changed within a mere three months after I started the blog when I invited Jim (SomethingLikeaLawyer) to write for the blog. I had been impressed with his critiques of some of my own posts on Tywin, his knowledge of feudal politics and military know-how. His first series of posts were on Hoster Tully called Noble as a King. When Jim came on board, I managed to figure out how to change the header to say “Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire”, but I couldn’t figure out how to change the URL.

A few months after Jim came aboard, I invited Hamish (Militant_Penguin) to write for us after his series of posts on reddit on the Men Who Would Be King really impressed me for their analytical approach to the various claimants of the Iron Throne. Hamish submitted a few more pieces of his The Men Who Would Be Kings on the blog.

Finally, in early 2015, Nina (Nfriel) came aboard after all three of us saw her contributions on reddit and the deep analytical mind that she possessed. She started out writing a magnficient series on the ladies of Rhaegar Targaryen called The Dragon’s Ladies: The Queens of Rhaegar Targaryen.

Podcasts were started, a massive 3-person (Jim, Nina, Hamish) series on the Targaryen kings, queen and pretenders began, and the blog’s character, while staying firmly rooted in literary analysis of the wars, politics and histories of A Song of Ice and Fire, was not the “BryndenBFish” blog. It was the blog of all 4 of us.

So, I finally discovered the way to change the URL from the one I’ve felt stuck with. I made the change as soon as I figured out how to do it. The URL is now warsandpoliticsoficeandfire.wordpress.com. Go ahead and save that link in your browser!

Thank you everyone for reading, listening, commenting and being friends of ours. I say this sincerely, we love you all.

Jeff (BryndenBFish)


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6 responses to “Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire

  1. Sir Theodred of Pennytree

    I have been i huge fan of this blog for almost 2 years now, and have read all essays since then, this blog opened my eyes for the complexite of alot of caracters, defenitly my favorite a song of ice and fire blog, keep up the good work.

  2. Kuruharan

    Not going to lie, I had a momentary start of panic when I went to the bryndenbfish link and this strange white page met my eyes…

  3. This website is absolutely amazing! The essays are very well written and interesting! Really happy to have found you guyz!

  4. Dominique

    Hola,im a huge fan of the blog
    I look forward to the posts every week
    You and Preston Jacobs have both awesome and different theories that I love

  5. The Smallfolk

    Massive fan guys, although my comments may not make it clear. Keep up the good work!!!

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