The Ravenry: Week of 11/2/2015


Hello, lovelies!

As you may or may not know, Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire has its own Tumblr page (as well as its own Twitter and Facebook pages).  Even more excitingly, we here at the blog have partnered with ASOIAF University to answer questions about A Song of Ice and Fire.  We – that is, SomethingLikeaLawyer and I – take the text-based questions submitted to us, write up thoughtful text-based answers, and publish these answers on the Tumblr.

So every Monday we present to you The Ravenry.  We collect the questions we’ve answered during the previous week over on the Tumblr in post form, with a brief description of each, and publish it here, and link that post on Twitter and Facebook as well. The Lord Hand compiled a number of excellent posts this week (as always), including a very thorough reference guide to some of the best material in the fandom on Westerosi wars. Otherwise it’s been a busy week as usual, with questions as simple as the naming of the Seven Kingdoms and as complex as the political instability of a permanent Great Council, and a number of metas on prophecy (and one on the dreaded twin theory).

As a final note: if you’re reading this post, you’ll note that we’ve moved our URL to the much more accurate “”. This does mean, however, that old links with the “bryndenbfish” URL no longer link correctly. We’ve started to go through and fix links on Tumblr, but it’s a long process. So if you go to an older post and see the link is broken, do not panic. The essay still exists, you just have to find it on the new page.  We appreciate your patience during the transition.

So, without further ado, here’s the Ravenry for the week of November 2:

As always, we love to hear your text-based questions, so if you have a burning question about ASOIAF, click this link to send us a raven. The more specific the question, the better text-based answer we can write, although we do our best to answer them all.

Love you lots,

The Queen Regent (NFriel)


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2 responses to “The Ravenry: Week of 11/2/2015

  1. Tywin of the Hill

    Has Renly really changed that much in the show?

    • somethinglikealawyer

      Oh absolutely. Renly mocked Brienne and Shireen behind her back, and was distrustful of book learning, believing that books were the domain of maesters, not lords. Renly demonstrated privately to Catelyn that he didn’t believe any of his meritocratic ideology. Show Renly was intellectual and considerate (see him chatting with the man who had his foot stepped on by a horse), believing sincerely that Westeros needed to move its government away from a martialocracy. He never demonstrates knowledge of the incest plot as he does in the show, proving his hypocrisy when it comes to dealing with Catelyn in ACOK. Then, when Catelyn offers her pleas, Renly seems sincere and honest when it comes to ousting the Lannisters for their own crimes. Compare in the books, when Renly throws every plea back in Catelyn’s face, or when he never bothers to guarantee Sansa and Arya’s safety.

      BookRenly is a brutal subversion of a Good King. On the surface, Renly is kind, considerate, and humble, with his giant army riding to save the day, but the surface is peeled back to show he is as corrupt as any of the people he arguably looks to overthrow, he doesn’t believe in his own virtues for the power of might, and he’s deeply disinterested in any sort of peace deal. In short, he just has better marketing. Show Renly is simply a Good King played absolutely straight, waging an ideological war for a better direction for Westeros. D&D seemed to actually believe Renly’s propaganda, which I find surprising given that Renly himself didn’t believe it.

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