The Ravenry: Week of 12/21/15


Salutations once again!

As you may or may not know, Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire has its own Tumblr page (as well as its own Twitter and Facebook pages).  Even more excitingly,  we here at the blog have partnered with ASOIAF University to answer questions about A Song of Ice and Fire.  We – that is, SomethingLikeaLawyer and I – take the text-based questions submitted to us, write up thoughtful, text-based answers, and publish these answers on the Tumblr.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. It was a quieter week for us at Headquarters with the holiday, but we still managed to get in a few asks. The Hand wrote an excellent piece questioning why the Faith has not diversified more over the Seven Kingdoms (I helped out with the idea for Mother Rhoyne, but there are a ton of creative ideas in that one that are totally his), and spoke at length about the similarities between dour, dutiful Maekar and dour, dutiful Stannis. As for me, I looked at why Westerosi lords would marry Essosi ladies, and thought about how Valarr Targaryen might have been as a king had that dread Spring Sickness not taken him prematurely.

Without further ado, here’s The Ravenry for the week of December 21:

As always, we love to hear your text-based questions, so if you have a burning question about ASOIAF, click this link to send us a raven.

Love you lots,

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

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