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Smoke on the Water

An analysis of the prospective Euron vs Redwyne Fleets in “The Winds of Winter”

The fan theorists have spoken; Euron is a diabolical magical third act villain and may be the greatest threat to Westeros. I must admit that when reading Asha’s, Damphair and Victarion’s  A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons  chapters, I found Euron to merely be  a manipulative politician with competent battlefield skills. As Euron sails out to meet the Redwyne fleet in “The Forsaken” I came to the realization that Euron was much more complex than my original conception of him — that Euron’s military strength may be metaphysical instead of conventional. While others have done excellent analysis of the Aeron’s dreams and the Lovecraftian themes that GRRM has tied to Euron; I believe that we can also look at the tactics Euron could use in his showdown with the Redwyne’s to anticipate that Euron is expecting more than a naval battle to occur on the Sunset Sea and that the rest of the Ironborn are in for a surprise.

Details of naval tactics in Planetos are scarce and if I had an opportunity to ask GRRM a question it would be “What are your sources and inspiration of naval warfare?” Naval tactics rely greatly on the ship (referred also as a platform) used and Planetos contains a variety of platforms that all must use specific tactics to guarantee victory. The dromonds of the Redwyne fleet and the longboats of the Iron Islands would use different tactics, and it’s my intent to discuss both the capabilities that these forces would bring to the battle and how the battle might play out.

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Of Flayed Men and Mermen: A Comparison of Roose Bolton and Wyman Manderly

Very few non-POV characters incite a visceral reaction quite like Roose Bolton and Wyman Manderly. But these reactions come as a result of very opposing reasons. Roose incites rage, hatred, a begrudging respect for political manoeuvring, and fear from most characters in the series, save for Fat Walda, as well as from the  fan base itself. On the other side of the coin we have beloved Lord Large, Wyman Manderly, a man who makes speeches as good as his famous pies. Wyman inspires love, praise, and loyalty from his fans but scorn and mockery from most of the in-universe characters within A Song of Ice and Fire series.

This particular essay is intended to show both the similarities and differences between the two men and highlight how the North’s finest political operators are in fact two sides of a very similar coin.

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