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The Winter Queen: Jeyne Westerling Part 1: The King’s Bride



Jeyne Westerling (image credit to Duhi)

Robb Stark’s Kingdom of the North and Trident was but a shadow of the ancient realms which had existed there before the coming of the dragons. The Young Wolf had no Hand or council but his general group of advisors, and no capital other than his base at Riverrun. Yet for all its courtly lack, the kingdom over which Robb ruled so briefly did have one royal requirement: a queen consort.

Jeyne Westerling may not have been the bride Robb was promised (or the bride he politically needed); theirs was instead a match of mixed obligation and passion. As her marriage was built on tragedy, so it would end in tragedy.  Queen Jeyne would not share her husband’s horrific fate at the Twins (however much she might have been intended to), but she would mourn sincerely the heroic young man to whom she had been wed so briefly. Her sweetness and gentility might have made her a worthy queen in another life, but in her own she was simply an ill-fortuned bride, the first (and last) Queen in the North of the new dynasty.

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