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The Agents of Chaos: Spies, Spymasters and Their Tradecraft in Westeros Part 1: The Myrish Femme Fatale


“Secrets are worth more than silver or sapphires.” (ADWD, Tyrion II)

Artwork by Elia Fernandez

The cloak and dagger business in A Song of Ice and Fire is thriving. Within the timeline of the universe, the schemers plot and succeed against individuals, knights, lords, kings and queens. In this new essay series, we’ll examine two of A Song of Ice and Fire’s greatest spymasters: Varys and Littlefinger. That Varys and Littlefinger have agents and spies planted across King’s Landing cannot be questioned. But are they effective in executing the wills of their spymasters?

We’ll take a look at the methods and goals of these spymasters. We’ll also be taking a look at known or suspected agents of both Littlefinger and Varys. But today, I’d like to write about something a little more fun. I’d like to posit a theory that a certain noblewoman in King’s Landing is not all she appears, but more importantly, she’s not what fans of the series think she is either.

Today, I’ll hope to convince you that Taena Merryweather is not an agent of the Tyrells or Littlefinger; she’s an agent of Varys’.

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