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The Ravenry: Week of 8/17/2015


Salutations, lovelies!

As you may or may not know, Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire has its own Tumblr page (as well as its own Twitter and Facebook pages).  Even more excitingly, a little while back we here at the blog partnered with ASOIAF University to answer questions about A Song of Ice and Fire.  We – that is, myself and SomethingLikeaLawyer – take the text-based questions submitted to us, write up thoughtful text-based answers, and publish these answers on the Tumblr.

So every Monday we present to you The Ravenry.  We collect the questions we’ve answered during the previous week over on the Tumblr in post form, with a brief description of each, and publish it here, and link that post on Twitter and Facebook as well. Your beloved Queen Regent has returned to her rightful place on the Tumblr Iron Throne, dispensing wisdom from the high seat built of melted gifs and hashtags.  Of course, our fearless Hand has sat the throne as well, despite also writing several thousand wonderful words on the Young Dragon, the Septon-King, and the Thankless King. (Expose your eyeballs to those Wednesday!)

Here’s The Ravenry for the week of August 17, 2015:

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Tower of the Hand: A Hymn for Spring Update


Hi everyone,

So, as many of you know (and have let me know here on Twitter and elsewhere), March 15th has come and gone and there’s no link to pre-ordering the next Tower of the Hand e-book entitled A Hymn for Spring. Why is that? Well, it’s a number of reasons, but most importantly our editor has had some very difficult events occur in his life. You can read all about it over on Tower of the Hand. But it’s not all bad news. If you click on the link, you’ll be able to read a sample essay by the inestimable Amin Javadi of A Podcast of Ice and Fire entitled “Songs and Singers of Ice and Fire: The fine line between music, history, and culture in Westerosi societies.” Believe me when I say that it’s awesome and really opened up a brand new avenue of thought on a section of the series I haven’t given a lot of thought to.

Anyways, we’re still on for an April 15, 2015 release date though! I’m not sure when pre-orders will be available, but it might be April 1, 2015 (And no, this is not an April Fool’s joke — I swear by the old gods and new).

But that’s not the only reason I wanted to write this post. There’s something really cool I want to announce: Today, I’m pleased to announce that SomethingLikeaLawyer will now have an essay published in the book entitled How to Win Thrones and Rule People – A Military and Political Analysis of Robert’s Rebellion. I’ve seen the rough draft for this essay, and I have to say that it’s crazy good.

For that matter, enough teases: I’ll announce my essay topic here too. My essay is entitled Iron Bends: Re-examining Stannis Baratheon. This essay analyzes Donal Noye’s infamous quote about Stannis as pure iron, hard and unyielding and deconstructs that along with the popular perception of Stannis among fans of A Song of Ice and Fire as well as characters in-universe.

But it’s not just Jim and I that have essays in this book, we have:

So, once pre-orders become available, I will sound the horn and let you all know. Until then, enjoy the sample over on Tower of the Hand, and be on the lookout!

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Tower of the Hand: A Hymn for Spring


“Robert was the true steel. Stannis is pure iron, black and hard and strong, yes, but brittle, the way iron gets. He’ll break before he bends. And Renly, that one, he’s copper, bright and shiny, pretty to look at but not worth all that much at the end of the day.”

Hey everyone, hope you’ve had a good holiday season. So, about a year ago, Marc Kleinhenz, one of the editors from the Tower of the Hand website, asked me if I’d like to contribute an essay to their upcoming Tower of the Hand e-book known as “A Hymn for Spring.” Being the person I am, I pitched 3 ideas to him. One of those ideas was accepted. So, I started writing and editing and then re-writing and then re-editing. This process went on for 5 or so iterations until I finally had a rough-but-good-enough product for the book.

Anyways, here’s the teaser image & the pre-order date if you’re interested. The book will be released on April 15, 2015, but pre-orders will be available on March 15, 2015. (Mark your calendars!)

Will I be revealing all that the essay is about today? No sir/ma’am. However, I am willing to reveal the 1st two words of the title of my essay. It’s “Iron Bends.” For those of you all who’ve been with us for a long time, I was a guest on the awesome Radio Westeros podcast and talked about the topic with them (if you want a little sneak preview).

But if it were me alone writing, it wouldn’t be worth the price of admission. So, the good folks at Tower of the Hand recruited luminaries such as:

Guys & Gals, I couldn’t be more excited about this lineup. I can’t reveal the essays from these writers yet, but you’ll have to take my word on it: they’re awesome. So, mark your calendars and stand-by. I’m sure I can generate a few more teases before the publication date!


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