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Jeff (BryndenBFish)

  • I am a former United States Army infantryman .
  • I play acoustic guitar and am a part of a basement band that meets every once in a long while
  • Outside of the ASOIAF essays, I have been working on my own book series which is unfortunately not fantasy and worse-still, not that good, but hey, it’s enjoyable.
  • I am something of a centrist to libertarian when it comes to politics.
  • I got married in May 2014!
  • I’m a recovering agnostic/atheist who is currently being transformed by God’s Grace (I know this may come as something of a shock to those who read my essays on /r/asoiaf)
  • I’ve been working on trying to read more fiction as most of my reading prior to about 5 years ago was non-fiction.


  • Forthcoming


  • My name is Hamish and I hail from barely sunny Scotland.
  • Currently studying History and Politics at university.
  • Also do my own writing, fantasy and a sci-fi western. Probably not that great but I really enjoy working in my own universe and playing God there. I’m not a particularly kind god though.
  • Favourite movie is probably a three way tie between Shaun of the Dead, Star Wars, and Aliens.
  • Favourite songs include Thunderstruck, God’s Gonna Cut You Down, If You Wanna, Wheels, and Deep Blue.
  • I make an awesome Nutella Cheesecake.
  • Hadn’t read a full book until I started A Song of Ice and Fire so I am really grateful to GRRM for getting me back into reading.


30 responses to “About

  1. Dude this blog is awesome. Keep up the good work!!

  2. Hey there,

    My name’s Marc Kleinhenz, and I’m the editor of “Tower of the Hand: A Flight of Sorrows.” Would you mind dropping me a line at the Facebook page? I have an interesting question for you. =)



  3. dsfdfssdfsd dsfs dgsdnj

    Thanks for the excellent discussions. We have years to wait for GRRM to get to it and write on. Like the theories in the meantime.

  4. Victoria

    Hi! I would like to translate some of your incredible essays into Russian and post them online, with all possible referrals, of course. Is that something you’d be open to? Or, if that’s done already, could you please point out where to find the translations? A lot of my friends-ASOIAF-fans doesn’t read English very well.

  5. This is one of my favorite blogs related to ASOIF. Keep it up man!

  6. Hello again! Here’s the Russian translation of the Siege of Winterfell, part 1. I replaced the portraits though, I hope you don’t mind. http://thelurkerchronicles.com/the-siege-of-winterfell-part-1/

  7. Carola

    Finding your blog was a nerdgarsm! I love it!

  8. Tom

    Hey man! Just stumbled accross your blog a couple days ago, and have been reading the military commanding with a lot of interest. It’s amazing to see ASOIAF strategies and tactics through the eyes of a former infantryman. Keep up the good work, cheers from france.

  9. Just discovered your blog… I’m absolutely hooked on it! 🙂 Truly amazing content, can’t stop clicking ‘previous’! Thanks for this, man! 🙂

  10. poggy

    Hi! Firstly, kudos for keeping up such a thorough and informative blog about ASoIaF. However, I am the artist who did the Tywin (http://bryndenbfish.wordpress.com/2013/11/02/wins-and-losses-a-command-analysis-of-tywin-lannister-part-4-quills-and-ravens/) and the Jaime (http://bryndenbfish.wordpress.com/2013/09/17/the-evolution-of-jaime-lannister-as-a-military-commander/) pictures here, and I noticed you posted them without credit. I don’t demand people to always ask beforehand before using art I’ve made public, but it’s basic etiquette to at least credit them with the artist’s name and/or website, since unless it’s pro art, visibility is the only thing we get from them. Could you please then credit the pictures to pojypojy.deviantart.com? Thank you! 🙂

    • Hi Poggy!

      Thanks for the kind words. Absolutely! I’ve gone ahead and edited the two posts in question to credit you with the artwork. I’ve really enjoyed your artwork, and I sincerely apologize for not crediting you when I wrote those posts up. I’ve tried to be more conscientious in recent posts, but I think I need to go back to older essays and try to credit the excellent artists whose work I’ve used in my own writing. Thanks for letting us know!

      All the best!

  11. Love your essays! Keep writing them, please. I’m so in love with ASOIAF!
    Congratulations on your coming marriage.

  12. Nathan Lennon

    I love your work but your about page has offended me deeply.

    Firstly I am an atheist. I harbour no il feeling to anyone that believes in a god or gods or practices any religious belief. As I do this I expect it to be returned in me.

    In your about section you say your “recovering agnostic/atheist”. The use of the word recovery signals out atheistism as something bad. While you may not have felt it when you wrote it I believe myself and many other proud atheist have been insulted and offended by your classification of our beliefs.

  13. Jim

    I’d love to read your thoughts on Littlefinger’s response to Dany’s arrive in Westeros. Would he quickly pledge loyalty? Where would his ambition end? Will Dany see through him?

  14. F. G. Henrik

    This is the best website I have ever seen. Keep up the good work man.

  15. Hi there. Came across your blog and found it highly illuminating. So kudos to you and keep up the good work.

  16. Arthur Brown

    My “Pink Letter” to BrydenBfish & Steve Atwell:


    Your blog sites are all consuming! My career has stagnated! My children avoid me! My wife gives me the “side eye” whenever I say, “Listen to this….”.

    My neighbors have politely asked me to stop carving faces in the trees on my street.

    I found it is illegal to own a raven in the US.

    I am on a 2 year waiting list for an American Alsatian (a dog bred to look like a dire wolf).

    My children roll their eyes whenever I say, “You’re no son of mine”. They’re daughters…..

    My cowokers shun me whenever I start singing ” A bear! A bear!” in the office at full volume.

    I refer to seeing my parents as “visiting the Dreadfort”.

    Longclaw is sold out on every sword website I have visited……

    Home Depot has banned me from my local store for shouting “Winter is Coming! Where are the shovels?!”….I live in Florida.

    I want my life back. I want my family back. I need to get my career back on track. I need to stop referring to Sunday mass as “visiting the Godswood”.

    Arthur Brown
    Lord of the Summer Pennisula

    Okay….I give up. Please keep the post coming. I’ll quit smoking instead – it will be easier.

    • ecr56

      Just wanted to say that I found this comment hilarious. I particularly like the “They’re daughters…..” remark. I initially thought they were males, so I found it cruel. But it was actually technically correct. And saying stuff that’s technically true while being funny is not that common. Anyway, thanks for making me laugh.

    • Shadin

      Oh how I can relate with your plight, Lord Arthur!

      Shadin K.
      Lord of the (real!) Summer Isles (the Philippines!)

      P.S. I laughed so hard, I had to get out of the office.

  17. It looks like you guys really have an eye for spotting the little crumbs that GRRM has plotted all over the book! I stumbled across this blog from ASOIAF forum and boy I have been spending hours on this. Absolutely engrossing and well detailed especially the character analysis. Keep going!

  18. Tony Moore

    Just discovered the audio versions of Nfriel’s essays – first one is fantastic – thanks for reading them aloud – I have zero time to read and endless time to listen so it makes a big difference – also, both Nfriel & BFish narrate extremely well.

    • nfriel

      Hey! Just saw this comment. Thanks for listening – very glad to know you’re enjoying them, even with my dorky voice! Keep reading/listening!

  19. I’m overjoyed I found this blog through a random tweet (or retweet) of BryndenBFish by Steven Atewell (really hope I’m spelling his name right) of Race for the Iron Throne fame. I love intelligent examinations of ASOIAF, and I cannot wait to read all of the essays and listen to all the podcasts!

  20. Ammad

    Read your interview on theverge.com. Funny though, my introduction to ASOIF was just like yours (I too watched GOT’s first two seasons in late 2012, and after failing to bear the wait for the third season, read the entire five books). In coming days, I will read your blog too ( hope it discusses Jamie’s and Stannis’s future arc).

  21. Lauren Anderson

    Just discovered this site and dismayed to discover nothing recent. Would love to know what someone with military experience has to say about the ridiculous episode 8.03, The Long Night. I have no such experience, but even I could tell how utterly stupid our heroes’ tactics were. They should have lost.

  22. Thank you for the wonderful essays!

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