Commander Analysis – First published on reddit

Wins and Losses: A Command Analysis of Tywin Lannister

A Complete Analysis of the Upcoming Battle of Winterfell

Noble as a King: An Examination of Hoster Tully

Petyr Baelish: The Gambling Man and the Master Player 

The Falcon of Westeros: An Examination of Jon Arryn

A Dragon Dawn: A Complete Analysis of the Upcoming Battle of Fire

The Men Who Would Be Kings of Westeros

Symbol and Stories in Westeros

The Dragon’s Mercy: The Violent Future Path of Daenerys Targaryen

The Agents of Chaos: Spies, Spymasters & Their Tradecraft in Westeros

The Dragon’s Ladies: The Queens of Rhaegar Targaryen

Summer’s Children, Winter’s Fury: The Loss of Innocence in The Winds of Winter

The Winter Queen: Jeyne Westerling

The Three Heads of the Dragon: Kings, Pretenders and the Ladies of Fire

Blood of the Conqueror

Heirs in the Shadows

House Histories

Chasing the Dragon

One-Off Essays




Matt Eifel


21 responses to “Essays

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  2. This is a really useful feature. Thanks for making it so.

  3. Spandana

    “Whatever qualities Mance had as a King, he seems to be a mediocre battle commander.” “Mance’s inability or unwillingness to enforce military discipline makes him all the more sympathetic.” “When your personal philosophy is all about personal freedom, how can you lead an effective army?” I came across these lines in an analysis of Mance Rayder’s attempt to defeat the Night’s Watch. I’d love to hear a military analysis of Jon v/s Mance from you!

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  5. Stargaryen

    Been a while since anything has been put up. You guys were pumping these out not to long ago. Give us more.

  6. Targaryen-schmargaryen

    I need the rest of your ‘Blood of the Conquerer’ series. I rely on seeing how you foresee this all transpiring, because I simply cannot visualise it by myself. I hope you get it all finished before TWOW gets published, otherwise it will all be for naught. 😉

    • Egg-On the 6th

      I come here everyday to see if a new part of that series has been put up yet. I feel that the introduction of Aegon was one of the greatest twists Martin put into the books. I can’t wait to see how his conquest goes during the Winds of Winter.

  7. Lord Iceberg Slim

    Heard you radio westeros and history of westeros and you had some good stuff finally got around to the site and wow am I impressed checking daily now thanks for all the excellent work

  8. Faceless Woman

    Thanks so much for compiling and creating these essays!!! I was going stir crazy before WoW/season 6 comes out! Starting off with the Three Heads of the Dragon series, though I read the Mereenese Blot before it transferred over. This is super helpful!!!! I do wish there was some kind of Targaryen family tree graphic…..? The ones I’ve found around the web are not as thorough….thoughts?

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  10. HarimaToshirou

    i like your essays
    great stuff excellent work especially the analyse of the battle of fire and Rhaegar’s Queens

    though i noticed that there aren’t any essay about Jon Snow, i’m big fan of Jon

    what do you think of him? what’s your opinion about RLJ and it’s importance for Jon and the story ? do you think he is a candidate for the IT? and what do you think of his arc and what will happen in the future? what do you think of him as a character?

    i think he is one of the most important characters in Asoiaf worlds, i’m surprised you didn’t write anything about him

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  14. Jake

    One of my top 3 picks for ASOIAF essays!
    I understand the use of clever essay titles, yet it’s difficult to match the title to the content. It would be super useful to subtitle each like so for example: The Mummer’s Folly:

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