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By the Whole Team

  1. I Come Not to Praise Rhaegar Targaryen
  2. The Murdered and the Missing Part 1: The Murdered
  3. All the Spice You’ll Want: An Analysis of the new Winds of Winter Sample Chapter
  4. The Murdered and the Missing Part 2: The Missing
  5. Writ Small: Character Evolution in The Winds of Winter, Part 1: The Good and the Neutral
  6. Writ Small: Character Evolution in The Winds of Winter, Part 2: The Evil
  7. What if Game of Thrones, Season 5 was Good, Like Really Good? Part 1: King’s Landing, Braavos and Castle Black
  8. What if Game of Thrones, Season 5 was Good, Like Really Good? Part 2: Winterfell, Meereen and Dorne
  9. ASOIAF Fan Mail Q&A 
  10. The Book That Never Was
  11. The Three Heads of the Dragon Recap
  12. Year in Review


A Dragon Dawn

The Dragon’s Mercy

Blood of the Conqueror


The Dragon’s Ladies

The Three Heads of the Dragon: Ladies of Fire

The Winter Queen: Jeyne Westerling

One-Off Essays


20 responses to “Podcasts and Recordings

  1. Hey guys! It’s great that you’ve started recording your essays! No time to read (even more…), but I love listening to you commuting or doing housework.
    @Nina: Don’t worry about blurbs, I’m so happy that you’re recording at all!!!

  2. Rosy Posy

    Hey guys
    I don’t see a separate thread for your latest podcast, on character evolution into twow, but I wanted to offer my congratulations on a brilliant episode.
    I also wanted to say that as a rape survivor and a psychologist I found your analogy of Bran’s warging into Hodor akin to rape as absolutely spot on, and I am actually considering incorporating it into a consent training program. Although few if any students will be book readers, most teenagers watch the show and its a really innovative talking point. It works on so many levels- It highlights the fact that rape tends to be about control and power rather than sex, and it works really well in showing the importance of viewpoint. When Bran initially wargs Hodor the reader/viewer responds with triumph as Bran achieves a new and empowering experience, after being disenfranchised by the limitations of his body and the misfortunes of his family. Who pauses to think of how Hodor feels lost and alone in a dark corner of his mind? And yet Bran has flickers of recognition that he is doing Hodor a disservice, although he dismisses his misgivings in favour of what he perceives as his greater need. The analogy is particularly powerful in light of Hodor’s intellectual disability- so many ‘grey’ or opportunistic rapists see their victims as less than.
    This is such a difficult topic to approach with teens and a great way to circumvent a defensive or embarrassed response is to at least initially remove the sexual element and engage on an emotional, moral and intellectual level. Thank you so much for providing this resource!

  3. Hello,

    I first heard Jeff on History of Westeros and then more recently when I discovered Radio Westeros heard his guest spot on the Stannis episode. It’s then that I discovered (just today in fact) that Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire had their own podcast and I couldn’t be happier!

    As a podcaster myself, most of my free reading time goes into my own research, I’ve always wanted to read the works of this blog and I’m gratified to at least be able to listen to some of them now. Do you have any plans to record and release your back catalog of essays?

  4. O'Danny Boy

    I think it’s great that you guys and gal, collectively. are such proactive fans of this series. Not every reader has such industry and dedication to the explanation, extrapolation, and interpretation of ASOIAF canon.

    That said, I listened to a Radio Westeros podcast and heard your pitch and checked you’s out. The first thing that I listened to was ‘Not in praise of Rhaegar’.

    I must say, I laughed my balls off. Based off of the title, I was assuming some good ‘ol, down home Rhaegar bashing was to take place. Yet, at the conclusion of the segment, I was pleasantly surprised that you guys used canon text and stuck to the facts. But, in doing so, you really pigeon holed yourselves to have had to perform verbal fellatio upon the man that you, collectively, claim to hold no regard, respect, or admiration for. Because the only facts we have are close to 99% favorable assessments of the character that you’s attempt to discredit, demonize, and make mock of, unfairly of course. What I gather, rather obviously and apparently, is that no one contributor can, in any way, at least in this go round of the wheel of life, relate, in real life, to the written character of Rhaegar Targaryen. And there in lies the hate. How do you sympathize for or give the benefit of the doubt to.

    Sporadically throughout the podcast, you’s each take turn mocking, ridiculing , imitating in a surfer boy voice, which amounts to a bunch of cowardly potshots at a character who just isn’t like you’s.

    I could stoop to your level and give my uninformed and incomplete assessment and surmise what I will about each of the podcasters, individually, but I think that that’s inappropriate and shortsighted, as you should see the same confluence in your issued work.

    My point, ultimately, is one of common sense, we don’t/can’t know all the facts until all information is presented, and that is not feasible until the conclusion of the series with the publication of the final installment. Then, and only then, if ever, would you be well within you rights to have a personally public opinion on the character in persecution, albeit spotty, juvenile, and ineffective. Your own words give the truth to your lies.

    I won’t sit here and glorify myself with mostly irrelevant facts about myself. Suffice to say, I do identify with a lot if what little we know about Rhaegar. From the first time I read these books, I knew there was/is more to the story concerning said character. Even you guys are forced to admit and discuss that “prophecy crazy” Rhaegar most assuredly knew of the impending doom the realm faced in the existence of the Others. Well, we readers know that they do, in fact, exist, and what it might take to thwart their effort. Very few other characters in the series recognized this fantastical threat, especially back then.

    Without being a dick, and taking potshots, really cheap shots when you get down to it, at you all, I’ll gracefully return to my opening statement and thank you for your effort and your work.

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  6. Gena Caldeira

    Hi guys!
    I really love all the concept of the blog and also the hard work you do to deliver us such well thought out and well written essays. I find most of the topics super interesting and some of your ideas changed my view of ASOIAF, so thank you so much for that!

    I know that you are primarily a written essay type of blog and that you are also making an effort to making audio recordings, and I would like to applaud that and ask, please, to continue doing it.

    I have a very high hour work schedule and not so much time or will to read when I get home. But I really love to hear your recordings while working.
    That are some very essay topics here I didn’t get a chance to read, and are not recorded yet: I crave for them!! 🙂

    Continue with the good work.

    Gena Caldeira

  7. Many of these links yield an Error 404 as of 3/12/16. For example, The Merman’s Ambitions.

    • Josh

      I’m having the same problem… I think it’s PodBean. When you get that sorted out, an RSS feed of all the podcasts would be really nice (so we can import them into the podcast player of our choice). Keep up the great work!

  8. Apolo1307

    Hi, I haven’t been able to listen to any of your podcast on the Apple podcast app. It keeps saying that the episodes are not available and that the Subscribe link is not valid anymore. I wonder if you guys are aware of this. I would love to hear your podcasts once is fixed. Thanks!

  9. MLaw

    Thank you for the great podcasts! I am also hoping the other essays will be put into podcasts as well. I listen to any ASOIAF material I can get my hands on at work and unfortunatly don’t have time to read at home. Pretty please ? 😁

  10. Sophia

    Thank you all for the wonderful podcasts! I am really enjoying listening to those that I can, which leads me to a question, I am not able to find your podcasts on either Podbeam or iTunes, and since I am outside of the US, I was wondering is it due to region restrictions? I would love to continue listening to them if possible…

  11. Paulo

    i’ve been having some trouble downloading your podcast.
    My current podcast app (podcastaddict) only gives me blood of the conqueror part 8, and no other…
    Is there any solution to my problem?

  12. The Lord Commander of Stonedoor

    B Fish – something to consider re Jon Connington, , Young Griff / FAegon
    Aegon was born in late 281 , early 282
    Battle of the Bells 283
    Connington leaves Golden Company 288/289 to mentor Aegon at which stage the child would have been 7-8 years of age.
    Tyrion thinks that FAegon is around 15/16 when he meets him on the Shy Maid – which is in 300AC
    If this is so, 300 less 15-16 means that FAegon is born 284, 285 and in 288/9 could only have been around 5 or 6 – mot the 8 or 9 that Rhaegar’s son would have been
    there is a huge difference in 5 vs. 8 , and if Tyrion’s assessment is correct – and the boy is very different to his 3 age contemporaries in terms of skills and achievements – Danaerys, Robb , and Jon Snow , then Connington would surely know – (as would Haldon and Co. ) and they would be ignoring plain facts to their own ends In Conngton’s case a chance of redemption.
    This would mean that redemption to Connington was more important than facts, that perceived honour more important than truth

    The Lord Commander of Stonedoor


    So I’m reading several previous posters who can not find your podcasts on their apps either. Where can we find the podcasts? I have really enjoyed your work with Westeros History and Radio Westeros and now that I have finished all of theirs I would love to download and listen to yours.

  14. H. F.

    Hey guys, I’m a long time reader of your essays, but only recently started listening to the podcasts. They’re terrific!! I’ve really been enjoying the collaborative/group ones as well as the individual essay recordings and have listened to literally everything of yours that I’ve been able to find.

    I did notice that there don’t seem to be any more episodes of the group recordings after 12/31/15. Do you have any plans to make more of these? I think I speak for many when I say that we’d love to hear more!

  15. JdR


    I am receiving a 404 error when I try to listen to anything below “The Dragon’s Mercy” and cannot find you guys on iTunes. What is the best way to listen to these recordings?


    • Its now one year later and I am starting to think that this is largely a dead site now unfortunately. I guess GRRM has just taken too long to get Winds out and now all of the great amazing fan sites like this one are starting to fall by the wayside. Regarding Brynden though there is some good news as he and Poor Quentyn have just started a new CBC analysis and read through of the entire book series that went live last week. So far they’ve done the GoT prologue and Bran I and promise to do weekly releases so check that out over on PQ’s Tumblr. Other than that, it looks like Wars and Politics has ceased to be, at least until Winds finally releases, at which time I’m sure the site will be back and more active than ever.

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